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Dear reader,

Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We, at Habitat for Humanity Armenia, fully acknowledge and act gratefully to have that World. That is why every year brings more families the happiness of having a safe and secure shelter. Armenia should become a country where everyone has a decent home.

By reading Habitat Armenia’s Fiscal Year 2019 plans you will learn not only about our projects and planned activities but the main achievements for Fiscal Year 2018 as well.  Thus, I am delighted to share that in FY 2018 our partner families, international and local volunteers, partner financial organizations and other supporters joined efforts and helped us serve 1,703 low- and middle-income families, host 5 Global Village teams, provide housing support services to 2,856 families and diversify available projects. However, the main achievement is the establishment of "Norogi" Resource Center

We will continue our efforts towards achieving Habitat vision with your valuable support. Together we can make a difference!



Luiza Vardanyan,

Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity Armenia



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