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FY 2019

The residents of the building located at 3 Shinararneri Street will henceforth spend the winter in a warmer and more comfortable building


FY 2017

The Residents of Spitak Town Soon to Pay Less Utility Bills

Ten residential buildings in Yerevan have become energy efficient

Five multi-apartment residential buildings of Vayk soon to be energy-efficient

20 multi-apartment buildings have been improved through the efforts of Habitat for Humanity Armenia

Schoolchildren from Vayk and Spitak were informed about energy saving methods and offered innovative solutions

Energy Talks. Energy Efficiency in Multi-apartment Buildings in Armenia



FY 2016

EU Finds Sufficient the Population's 70% Awareness on its Funded Projects

Spitak and Vayk Choose Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy

FY 2015

Collaboration between Habitat Armenia and “Global Credit” UCO will enable Armenians to have affordable water heating system

EU Ambassadors to Armenia got acquainted with Energy Efficiency Measures in Spitak

Current Problems of Energy Efficiency and Management of Residential Buildings; Perspectives and Proposals for Legislative Improvement

Current problems of energy efficiency and management of residential buildings: Prospectives and suggestions on legislative improvement

1,700,000 euro addressed to usage of renewable and efficient energy

The Tenants are pleased with EE Activities Implemented by Habitat Armenia

International Habitat Day: October 6, 2014

Regional conference dedicated to strengthening of participation of civil initiatives in management of home owners’ associations (HOAs)

Habitat for Humanity International and UN-Habitat enter partnership to address global poverty


FY 2014

The first Global Village international volunteer team of 2014 was hosted in Tavoush region

One-day Build with FLEX program alumni

Habitat for Humanity Armenia team visits US

A round table discussion in Yerevan municipality related to “Residential energy efficiency for low-income households (REELIH)” project implemented by Habitat for Humanity Armenia

Discussion about Residential Energy Efficiency Project


FY 2013

Low income family of Aghavnadzor village was served within the framework of a ‘One Day Build’ project

Housing sector in Eurasia needs a mind shift and greater cooperation for effective solutions

Housing poverty turning into a headache for Eurasia

Habitat for Humanity Armenia to commemorate World Habitat Day on Oct. 1

Apartment building renovation


FY 2012


Habitat for Humanity Armenia thanks 800 volunteers

Habitat for Humanity Armenia joins worldwide celebration of 500,000th/500,001st milestone houses as part of World Habitat Day events on Oct. 3

Habitat for Humanity Armenia and Inecobank signed a loan agreement of 11 million AMD to support 200 low-income families in residential buildings

Chairman of Habitat for Humanity International’s board of directors visited Armenia

Annual Summary - FY 2012


FY 2011


The U.S. Ambassador to Armenia builds with Habitat in Nor Kharberd


Representatives from Habitat for Humanity Armenia attended national conference in the USA

Reducing Disaster Risks and Improving Responses in Europe and Central Asia

Housing in Europe and Central Asia needs to change from finance and profit to human rights and needs

Habitat for Humanity Armenia on a mission to revive Spitak

Annual milestone report FY2011


FY 2010



HFH Armenia targets at serving 600 new families in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia

Annual milestone report FY2010


FY 2009


Local and international volunteers gathered in Nshavan for the World Habitat Build

Celebrating World Habitat Day and the launch of new project in Nshavan

Celebrating World Habitat Day in Nshavan

HFHA signs an Agreement of Cooperation with the RA Ministry of Urban Development Joining hands with the RA Government for the elimination of poverty housing

HFHA partners with Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development to improve housing conditions throughout the country

First Global Village team of the building season 2009 in Armenia




Useful Tips on Energy Saving

Annual report, Fiscal Year 2018

Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia

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