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There has been a huge change in the lives of the Avagyan family after they renovated their home. Now they have safe roofing, a decent kitchen and a warm and convenient living-room. The family did not expect so much change in the quality of their lives in such short period of time.

The family includes Temur (22) his wife Shushan (23), their son Vita (2) and Temur’s grandfather Sanasar (65).  As the majority of the families in the village Temur and his wife cultivate soil and sell the crop during its season.  Sanasar is pensioner.

Sanasar said, “With the income we have it was hardly possible to save enough to solve our housing needs by ourselves.”

Before partnering with Habitat the family lacked proper housing as the family did not have enough financial resources to renovate their home by themselves. They had tried to apply for other loans but the income was not sufficient and they were always rejected. They were disappointed and lost hope they will ever have a chance to upgrade their living conditions until they found out about Habitat. They couldn’t believe they would be eligible.

Temur shares, “I am so happy that my dream of owning a decent home has become a reality. I believe God heard my prayers and extended a hand up from this desperate situation. On behalf of all of us in our family I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity Armenia for giving us a safe shelter.”


Before Habitat intervention                                          After Habitat intervention


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