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The family of Kharatyans lives in Aygehovit village of Tavush region.
The family consists of Aram (41), Karineh (38), and their daughters Nina (16) and Lusya (10).  Aram works in the forest and makes charcoal and parquet, as well as various thinks made of wood. Besides, he cultivates soil and mainly grows grape and corn. He is also occupied with trade. He buys fruits and vegetables from other regions and sells those during the harvest season. The family also keeps cows and hens. Karine takes care of the household and children and is also engaged in agricultural works. Nina and Lusya go to school.

The house the family is now living in is Aram’s ancestral home which had existed since 1960s and had never been renovated prior to the partnership with Habitat.  It lacked minimum living conditions and needed an immediate interior renovation.

A lot has changed in the lives of the family after being selected to partner with Habitat. They are very happy to have a warm and comfortable living-room before winter. Now it has become a larger and brighter place.

The family was very excited to host international team of volunteers who helped them complete the renovation. Six enthusiastic people from the United States of America joined hands to create better living conditions for the Kharatyan family. After the renovation works had been completed the house was blessed by the representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Aram shared “I am grateful to Habitat for Humanity Armenia, its partners and volunteers for helping us improve our housing conditions. I would hardly be able to do it on my own. We are very happy with Habitat Armenia’s partnership.”

 The family could never afford to renovate their home on their own. An affordable Habitat loan was a great support for the family to improve their living conditions. It is much affordable compared with other loans provided by banks or other financial institutions in the region.

 Karine shares, “I have always dreamed of decent housing conditions and my dream is now close to reality.  We feel blessed to have an opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity Armenia.”


Before Habitat intervention                                              After Habitat intervention


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