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The year 2011 was completely different for the Gulanyans, a woman headed family in Tavush. They were selected to partner with Habitat and renovated their home. Habitat’s construction intervention has indeed made a huge difference in the lives of the Gulanyans. Two bedrooms, the living room and the corridor were renovated. Now the family is happily enjoying the warmth and comfort of their renovated home.
 Sonya shares,"We have always dreamed of a decent home but never had a single chance to improve our living conditions. I am so happy to have been selected as Habitat partner family.  Our lives have changed for the better since we renovated our home.  Now it has become a lighter and brighter place.” “After the renovation a lot has changed in our lives.  First of all my granddaughter Ruzanna was engaged to be married.  My grandson Gagik who serves in the army was excited to know we are renovating our home. This is indeed a family happiness.  I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity Armenia for helping us upgrade our living conditions,” Sargyul said.
Sonya and Ruzanna work in a bakery and their salaries are barely enough to live on. Sargyul is a pensioner and Gagik serves in the Army. They could hardly ever afford to upgrade their living conditions on their own. Thanks to a hand up from Habitat Armenia, the family has a hope for a better future. They believe the renovation of their home was the biggest achievement of 2011 and the beginning of prosperity for the year ahead.


Before Habitat intervention                                               After Habitat intervention


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