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The family of Babayans consists of Alibek (48), his wife Alla (38), their children Astghik (18), Lusineh (15) and Suren (4) and Alibek’s parents Arshavir (80) and Olinka (75).

Alibek is currently jobless and runs his own grocery store. Alla takes care of the household. Arshavir and Olinka are pensioners and are occupied with cattle-breeding and cultivation. They breed cows, hens and swine which they store up for winter or sell the meat, eggs or dairy whenever they need money. And also, they grow fruits and vegetables in the garden in front of their home. Astghik has graduated from Ijevan College specializing in philology. Lusineh is in her tenth form at the local school and Suren is at home since there no day care center in the village. Alla and Olinka take care of him.

For around 50 years Alibek Babayan’s family were living in substandard housing conditions devoid of basic amenities. The house had never been renovated and needed a capital renovation. The walls and the ceilings needed to be plastered and painted. The flooring was very old. Besides, it is very humid. In winter the family gathered in one room which was used as a living-room, kitchen and bedroom since they could not afford to heat all the rooms. The bathroom was dilapidated and lacked minimum hygiene. The toilet was outside. The children often caught a cold in winter.

The income of the family was not so high as to allow them to improve their housing conditions all at once. The total income of the family hardly covered their expenses. They spent a lot of money on Astghik’s education, including her transportation and clothes expenses. Only an affordable Habitat loan could break up the cycle and give them hope for a brighter future.

“We feel lucky to be one Habitat partner families. For the first time we are given the opportunity to improve our housing conditions and live in comfort. I would like to thank Habitat Armenia and their partners for their support. We are very excited to welcome volunteers who will help us in the construction. This will be a lifelong experience for our family,” Alla said.

The lives of the Babayan family have definitely changed for the better thanks to a hand up from Habitat for Humanity Armenia. Now they have a decent home where they will live a warm and comfortable winter.

Habitat’s intervention has made a great difference: three rooms and the kitchen were renovated; the walls and the ceilings were puttied and painted, the flooring was painted, the kitchen was tiled and painted. The family is now living in comfort. The children have their own rooms. The kitchen is very clean and comfortable and Alla enjoys cooking for her family.

"It would take me years to renovate the house on my own. I still cannot believe this is all a reality.  I can't find the right words to express my gratitude to Habitat for Humanity Armenia, its donors, partners and the volunteers who were so excited to help us in the construction. Habitat has indeed changed a lot in our lives. Thank you for your support," Alibek said.


 Before Habitat intervention                                              After Habitat intervention




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