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The family of Arzumanyans resides in the distant village of Lusahovit of Tavush region. The family includes Rafik (54), his wife Sofik (52), their sons; Arman (32) Arthur (30), their wives Aleta (26), Armineh (24) and their children; Sofi (8), Inesa (7), Aneta (6) and Rafik (3).

Rafik and Arman are car mechanics and repair cars on private basis. Arthur is a migrant worker in Russia. Aleta and Armineh are sisters and take care of the household and the children. Besides, the family is also occupied with agriculture and cattle breeding. They grow fruits and vegetables for their needs, as well as sell the crop in summer. Sofi and Inesa attend school, while Aneta and Rafik are at home since there is no day care center in the village.

When Arman and Arthur married the families expanded and it is no longer possible to share the same home.  To support the families of her daughters, Armineh and Aleta’s mother presented a half-built house to Aneta, her elder daughter.  But the family did not have enough resources to complete the home until they heard about the project Habitat Armenia is implementing in Tavush region.  Soon Arman applied and was selected.

“I wish every mother experienced what I feel now. I am so excited to realize that soon my children and grandchildren will have a decent place to live and thrive. I find no words to express my gratitude to Artinian family for their support.  My dream has become a reality. Thank you!” Sofik said.

The year 2011 was a remarkable year in the lives of the Arzumanyan family. They completed their half-built home in Aknaghbyur village of Tavush region.

The housing situation of the family dramatically changed when they were selected to partner with Habitat Armenia. Before becoming a Habitat partner family Arman and his family shared their home with a larger family of Arman’s brother and parents.

Habitat’s construction intervention has indeed made a huge difference in the lives of the Arzumanyans. The major part of the renovation was done when Habitat Armenia hosted a GV team. The volunteers of “Faith Build” team joined efforts and worked hand-in-hand with the Arzumanyan family. That was another experience for the family. Within a few days the volunteers became part of their family.

Sofi, Arman’s daughter, said, “We will soon put up a Christmas tree and Santa Claus will knock at our door late at night when we will be sleeping and will leave his gifts under our pillows. We have already sent letters to him and he knows what we want.”


 Before Habitat intervention                                               After Habitat intervention



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