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The Chobanyan family is another sufferer of the 1988 disastrous earthquake. The family consists of Valerik (26), his father Manvel (60), mother Satenik (55) and sister Christineh (27). Valerik works in the bank as a financial consultant. Manvel works in Yerevan for a construction company. Satenik, who she lost her arm during the earthquake, works as a nurse and supports her family.

After the earthquake the family had to spend days and nights in a tent. Later they found their shelter in a metal shack. There was no compensation from the State and it took them years to be able to build a house on their own. The house is shadowy and it was too difficult to heat in those conditions. The flooring was spoilt, inner doors and windows needed to be changed, the walls were not plastered and the kitchen and the bathroom needed interior renovation.

Partnership with Habitat was one of God’s gifts for the family. Thanks a to hand up from Habitat for Humanity Armenia the family was enabled to upgrade their living conditions.

“A lot has changed in our lives. Now our home is warm and comfortable. We are all looking forward to welcome the New Year in our now renovated home. I hope that the upcoming year more families will become happy homeowners thanks to Habitat and its supporters”, Christineh said.  


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