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Armenia is rich in natural solar radiation resources. The average annual solar radiation value for Armenia is 1,700kW/m2 which is 2,500 sunny hours a year in Armenia. Therefore, the  usage  of  solar  panels is  seen as beneficial  and  directly  linked  to  the  relatively limited number of solutions  to address the need in improving living conditions of particularly low-income families in  Armenia. It allows households to have affordable water heating for good part of the year, which does not depend on imported and increasingly expensive energy resources. Solar panels have the potential to become a priority alternative of renewable energy for low-income families in Armenia.

The project is aimed at promoting the use of solar panels by at least 35 low-income families in Gegharkunik, Shirak and Syunik pilot regions in partnership with “Kamurj”UCO LLC. 


Target number of families to be served in FY 15: 40

The secured amount: $100,000

Total amount requested: $46,000 

Average cost per intervention: $3,650 


Useful Tips on Energy Saving

Annual report, Fiscal Year 2018

Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia

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