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Board of Trustees

Habitat for Humanity Armenia has a Board of Trustees which includes Board Director and 2 board members. We are very proud to have a dedicated Board of Trustees.

Torre Nelson , Board Chair

Juraj Stupka, Board Member

Besim Nebiu, Board Member

Habitat for Humanity Armenia has 12 paid staff members: Executive Director, Program Director, Finance and Administrative Manager, Resource Development Manager, Construction and Disaster Response Manager, Project Manager, AREEM Project Manager, Fundraising Consultant,  Global Village and Communications Coordinator,  "Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia" Project Manager,  "Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia" Project Assistant and AREEM Projects Assistant and Administrative Assistant. 


Habitat Armenia Staff


Luiza Vardanyan; Executive Director



Program Team



Varsenik Khloyan                                                 

Project  Manager                                                        


  Gayane Barkhanajyan
  Housing Finance Manager



Sergey Arzumanyan                                                  Hasmik Paytyan   

AREEM Project Manager                            AREEM Project Assistant, Communications Coordinator


Anna Paytyan

"Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia" Project Assistant

Resource Development Team


  Naira Abrahamyan

  Global Village and Communications Coordinator


Finance and Admin Team



Anna Paradyan                                  Anna Hovakimyan           

Finance and Admin Manager               Administrative assistant         








Useful Tips on Energy Saving

Annual report, Fiscal Year 2017

Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia

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