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EU Energy Days in Armenia


Up to 60% energy saving is registered in case of full thermal insulation of the building. Due to special software solutions the families will pay less and will improve their family budget. Luiza Vardanyan, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation referred to this topic during the public discussion on “Energy Efficiency in Multi-apartment Buildings in Armenia” at AGBU office on September 26. The discussion was initiated by Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation, within "Access to Renewable and Efficient Energy in Municipalities Vayk and Spitak” (AREEM) Project funded by the European Union, joining the EU Energy Days.

The study conducted by Habitat for Humanity Armenia in March, 2014 showed that 51% of families spend 25-50% of their income on utilities. 66% of the survey respondents were from families with an income of up to 150,000 AMD per month.
Taking into account the above mentioned, as well as the importance of energy efficiency and energy saving, Habitat Armenia has launched the implementation of projects in cooperation with condominiums, financial institutions, municipalities, international organizations and the Ministry of Urban Development of Armenia, aiming at increasing the energy efficiency in residential buildings.
"By reducing energy consumption, we will be less dependent on local and imported energy resources, it will also bring to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which is, certainly, the cause of global warming," highlighted Luiza Vardanyan.

Projects implemented by Habitat for Humanity Armenia offer a range of small-scale events, namely installation of windows in  staircases, roof thermal insulation, partial thermal insulation of the building, etc.. To this day, the foundation has provided maintenance for 10 residential buildings in Yerevan within the scope of "Residential Energy Efficiency for Low-income Households" project, and has committed to improve energy efficiency of about 45 multi-apartment and 2 public buildings in Vayk and Spitak towns.

During the discussion Hoa-Binh Adjemian, Head of Cooperation Section of EU Delegation to Armenia, mentioned welcoming the participants: “Energy efficiency and renewable energy are in the basis of the EU commitment to mitigate global warming changes. We believe that the Government of Armenia will launch incentives for energy efficient investments and the EU will support the Government and the citizens of Armenia to contribute to Armenia's efficient and independent use of alternative energy resources”.

RA policy approaches in the field of energy efficiency were presented  by Hayk Badalyan, Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Department at Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources: "Practice showed that energy efficiency on voluntary basis, particularly in residential buildings, was not very effective. We initiated changes and amendments on energy efficiency and renewable energy in RA law. As a result, we defined mandatory requirements in the law for newly constructed or reconstructed, as well as state financed constructed or reconstructed buildings.”

The law was adopted in May 2016, and entered into force from June 8, 2016. To meet the mandatory requirements there was developed a regulation on energy efficiency requirements residential buildings, which was discussed with stakeholders and passed to the Government for review. Currently it is at the stage of RA Government consideration.

Luiza Vardanyan noted, that it is necessary to apply energy saving behavior, to use home appliances that are labeled as energy efficient, to improve the housing conditions by attic and external walls insulation and  in case of finance availability,  to also install solar water heaters and solar photovoltaic panels.

Furthermore, the speakers drew attention to the issue of raising awareness on energy efficiency among the citizens.
The survey conducted by Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation, revealed that only 36% of the respondents were aware of energy efficiency and energy saving.

"The systematic nature of public awareness is very important," pointed out Hayk Voskanyan, the CEO at National Mortgage Company.

Habitat for Humanity Armenia implements activities to raise awareness among the citizens. For example, within AREEM Project it has the commitment to organize 4  Knowledge sharing forums in Vayk and Spitak per year, to represent the implemented works, to show the results of energy saving and to give practical tips.
For the discussion video click here.

In Armenia, almost half of the population lives in apartment buildings (429.512 units): Three of each for buildings were built during 1951-1990s period of time. The energy consumption for space heating in apartment buildings accounts for more than 30 percent of the total energy consumption, the previous methods for heating were not based on energy efficiency standards. To solve energy saving issues is significant, as it will entail reforms in energy field and will decrease waste of energy.  It will also reduce toxic emissions and air pollution and will help to overcome climate change. 

About AREEM project
The overall objective of the Project is to support Spitak and Vayk Municipalities by developing and testing a replicable and efficient model(s) of energy savings through use of efficient measures and renewable sources in residential and public buildings, incorporated with their Sustainable Energy Action Plans aligned under the “Covenant of Mayors” requirements.
The Project is funded by the European Union and Co-funded by the Municipalities of Vayk and Spitak. More information about the Project is available here.

About HFH Armenia
HFH Armenia is the national office of Habitat for Humanity International and is dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing and improving housing conditions of families with low income. HFH Armenia implements various projects towards home renovation and repairs, energy efficiency and upgrades of residential buildings in partnership with financial institutions, as well as works toward raising awareness on creating affordable housing opportunities. It has been active since 2000 and has supported more than 5200 families throughout Armenia. For more information please visit www.habitat.am. 


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