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Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation (HFHA) within the framework of Residential Energy Efficiency for Low-income Households project (REELIH) has implemented energy efficiency (EE) activities in Frunze 6/3 building of Shengavit administrative district and in Halabyan 9/1 building of Arabkir administrative district in Yerevan. In particular, in Frunze 6/3 building new windows were installed in the portals, the building roof was upgraded. It is envisaged to change the entrance doors, to renovate the portals, as well as to install insulated stone near the changed windows of the portals.
In Halabyan 9/1 building the broken windows of the portals were also replaced by new ones. It is envisaged to renovate the portals, to insulate the first floor, to change the entrance doors, to install sensor lights, to install wood on stairs' handrail.
It's worthy to mention that the supporters for implementation of the above mentioned activities are Yerevan Municipality provided 40% subsidy and “Inecobank” CJSC provided loans to Home Owner Associations (HOA).   
HFHA employee visited the tenants of these buildings to find out their opinions on the activities done.
Susan Asoyan, the resident of Frunze 6/3 building states: they are 4 in the apartment; the latter is heated with gas boiler. At the moment of our visit the gas boiler was also switched off: according to Mrs. Susanna, due to warm winter, most of the day the heating device is switched off, they use a small portable heater in that part of the apartment where they sit. “We don't have children at home, so we don't need to provide high temperature,” Mrs. Susanna mentions and adds: “this year the corridor is also very warm as a result of windows installation in the portal”. According to her, during the previous years it was impossible to stand in the corridors in winters, the portal broken windows were blowing with severe wind, which penetrated to the apartment while opening the door. “This year we overcame that problem. We are very pleased with the activities done and are waiting for the continuation.  After implementing the activities finally, it will be more obvious the change on EE in our apartments,” Mrs. Susanna emphasizes highlighting also the issue that besides EE, the external part of the building becomes pleasant to eye. Mrs. Susanna strictly follows the condominium fees and thinks the residents will agree and will make the payments for the other EE activities.
Aghavni Hayrapetyan, another resident of this building also assess positively the installation of the portal windows. Mrs. Aghavni together with other 9 members of the family lives in the apartment which is near the portal windows and has a common wall with the portal. According to housewife, they feel great difference after the windows installation, it is very warm in the corridor, and therefore the cold air does not penetrate into the house while opening the door. “We are very pleased. A very good work was implemented. During the previous years, the water meters in the corridors were burst as a result of cold weather in the winter. We did not have such kind of problem this year,” Mrs. Aghavni mentions.
The residents of Halabyan 9/1 building are also pleased with the activities done. Alaverdi Toumasyan, one of the residents notes: the difference is obvious after the windows installation in the portal. They are 3 living in the apartment, and heat it with gas boiler. “Most of the day the boiler is switched off. This year it is very warm in the winter, also it's very warm in the corridor as a result of windows installation in the portal,” Mr. Toumasyan emphasizes.
Susanna Sargsyan, a resident of the same building states: during the previous years they could not stand in the corridor in the winter, it was very cold, which naturally, penetrated into the apartment. Mrs. Susanna had decided to change the entrance door of their apartment and to install the old one in the corridor. “But there is no need for that in this year. It became very warm in the corridor after the windows installation,” the housewife says and adds that they are 2 living in the apartment, and with the gas boiler they can heat it normally even switching it off during some period in the day. Mrs. Susanna also suggests to install sensor lights in the portals, to make the electric wire invisible. She thinks the residents will agree to make the corresponding payments for implementing similar activities.
Thus, the surveys among the tenants show that they are pleased with the EE activities implemented by the initiative of HFHA, they feel difference in the heating and comfort of their apartments. This project also increases the trust towards the HOAs thus becoming the impetus for the development of condominiums. As a result of increasing mutual trust the residents of these buildings are ready to give their recommendations to HOAs to implement similar activities.  
The project is supported by USAID, Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity Armenia.


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