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Artur Mesropyan joined Habitat Armenia in September 2017 as Project manager of “Restoring Living Conditions in Armenia” project. He is in charge of overall management of the project.
He has more than fifteen years’ experience in the financial industry working also at managerial positions (Deputy of the CEO) of two largest credit organizations of Armenia during 2001-2016. Because of his long-term employment in the lending/microfinance sector, he has gained a lot of experience and deep knowledge in the fields of financial analysis of organizations, strategic and operational planning and development and social performance management. He is expertized in the micro insurance industry as well. 
Before that for over 8 years, Artur had held project and program managerial positions in CARE International in Armenia and UMCOR Armenia. He has strong skills in organizational development and strategic planning.
Artur graduated from Yerevan State University getting a diploma in Radio physician. To improve his knowledge and professional skills he has participated in a variety of workshops, trainings and forums related to banking, financial analyses, strategic planning, product development, marketing and sales, risk management, communications, negotiations, project management and leadership. He twice has been awarded with a certificate of Credit Organizations Executive Director / Chairman of the Board/ and one time Bank Executive Director / Chairman of the Board, Head of Directorate, and Chief Executive / granted by the Central Bank of RA.


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